Soluciones reales y fáciles de implementar / Real and easy to implement solutions

SOLUCIONES es lo que en la empresa siempre se busca.
Si las soluciones son EFECTIVAS os guiaran fácilmente a resultados REALES y si resultan fáciles de implementar de inmediato la inversión habrá valido el esfuerzo!!!

SOLUTIONS is what a company is always looking for. If the solutions are effective they will guide you in an easy way to real results and if there is possible to implement immediatelly investment would pay the effort!!

sábado, 9 de junio de 2012

What does it take to be successful?

What does SUCCESS mean to you? For me success is live my life on purpose, be heard, and help people live a better life. I do it every day through any of the activities I develop online and offline.
To achieve my purpose I want to be heard all over the world, I want people to listen to what I have to say, to understand, to be inspired and to be motivated at the same time.
I was listening to a call and reading information about how people achieve success today online.
I am sure there is a formula but most of it that we have to integrate a specific “methodology”with what we do and who we are. Not every methodology is for every person, absolutely not. I have been asking myself many times "What are successful people doing to achieve their success?" Which is the different ingredient they use? And as my expertise is helping people find the missing link through my Program "THE MISSING LINK TO YOUR WEALTHY WORTHY LIFE" I am always looking for that missing link. There are many missing links in this regard!
One thing is very clear to me today: All the successful people I know, invested a lot of money to learn what they did not know, to succeed. The problem we all face today as healers, coaches, practitioners and self professionals of any area, is that people looking for solutions to solve their specific problems (potential clients) are bombarded by a lot of information they are unable to filter. A lot of “FREE STAFF” that people must realize do not work by itself, this is only a small piece of information and there is a lot more hidden to learn about.
Still people believe it does work and they continue struggling going from one place to the other looking for a formula because they believe there might be one. And I agree there is a formula to be discovered: We need to stop, step back, look at the big picture of what we are doing and see all the pieces of the puzzle we need, to achieve success. There are many elements involved when you want to be successful today in the world.
The formula according to what I see is to stick with one methodology, learn everything that works about that specific methodology and integrate the methodology with who we are and what we do.
If the goal is to succeed online, I suggest to develop the technology you need to implement to be able to reach the people you are looking for, your “ideal client” to help him/her solve their problem through the use of your solution.

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