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SOLUCIONES es lo que en la empresa siempre se busca.
Si las soluciones son EFECTIVAS os guiaran fácilmente a resultados REALES y si resultan fáciles de implementar de inmediato la inversión habrá valido el esfuerzo!!!

SOLUTIONS is what a company is always looking for. If the solutions are effective they will guide you in an easy way to real results and if there is possible to implement immediatelly investment would pay the effort!!

domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Because without Passion there is no Success!

Are you a Social Leader, a successful entrepreneur or a corporate executive? Are you living your life not exactly knowing about your life purpose yet?

I want to ask you: What does Passion mean to you? Is Passion important in LIFE?
We all felt Passion for someone or something in our life. We are able to recognize a “Passion”. Why is it so easy to recognize it? Because PASSION feels great! A flow of energy travels along our body and we feel alive. The body talks, we sense the power of PASSION! And this power ignites a flame inside ourselves that connects everything and we achieve better than ever!
It happened to all of us at least once!  Try to remember the last time you felt passionate about someone or something. There were no problems around, everything was easy, you had a smile on your face and you walked like in a cloud or like flying in a carpet.
You have been there at least once! The truth is we have all been there. Why do we forget about that great experience? Why are we unable to maintain such a level of great positive emotions to live our life like that? Because we are not aware how to manage our GPS! We have no idea how to use our emotional system in a way to drive our life toward Success. Instead we absolutely turn off the GPS and we let old beliefs, fear and negative emotions manage our life. We get depressed, we lose hope and all is absolutely dark. The dark night of the soul! We have all been there more than once!
I am not talking about something you do not know, I am simply helping you remember about something you already know since you experienced PASSION already and you know what I am talking about. I am sure you would like to be there again! Who wouldn´t want to be there?
Did you block the possibility of feeling it again because you have been wounded?
I can also get your point, we all went through experiences when it is difficult to let go some things. Still it is possible, when we learn how to manage our own GPS.
Imagine how you would feel if you could:
-       ignite “Passion” on a daily basis
-      wake up in the morning with Passion
Imagine how would your life change If you could:
-      go to work with passion
-      relate with everyone with Passion
-      smile and see Passion everywhere instead of Problems around you
-      have the magic wand of Passion to bring the touch of change to your daily life

Crisis urges us to understand we need something different. You may not know which if the different thing you need at the beginning. I am sure it is related with Passion since Passion  fuels life and spreads power and all happen smoothly.
Did you ever think that you can decide to live your life with passion?
We normally are not aware that this is possible.
Would you believe you are able to live a better life if you have more Passion?
Remember which were the benefits of having Passion in your life?
How was your health? 
Ask yourself why did you lose the Passion each time you lost it?
Which is the secret ingredient inside yourself that ignites your passion?
How can you turn this fire on, more often?
It is possible to live life on fire, with the flame always ignited and inspiring others to ignite their fire at the same time. You can take the decision and learn how to work it out to make it happen.
It is possible to begin LOVING who you are and your daily life to be passionate everyday about what you do and your life.
Why not become in love with your purpose after discovering it? Would you like to live your life to the fullest loving who you are and what you do? Would you like to have Passion as a friend to be empowered by your inner personal energy?
Would you like to empower others to make the world a better place for all to live?
My TOOLS FOR L.I.F.E. To Live interactively and Fully Energized help people integrate Purpose, Vision, Mission and Passion. Because I absolutely believe that without Passion there is no success!!!

Success is nothing more than a consequence of living your life with Passion!

It is time for you to know that you are not alone!

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
"The Clarity Mentor"
Life Changing Coach
“My Journey toward YOUR success – The Magic Wand of Life”
“Transforming YOUR Life from the first Session”
Cel: (591) 730 07479
La Paz - Bolivia

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