Soluciones reales y fáciles de implementar / Real and easy to implement solutions

SOLUCIONES es lo que en la empresa siempre se busca.
Si las soluciones son EFECTIVAS os guiaran fácilmente a resultados REALES y si resultan fáciles de implementar de inmediato la inversión habrá valido el esfuerzo!!!

SOLUTIONS is what a company is always looking for. If the solutions are effective they will guide you in an easy way to real results and if there is possible to implement immediatelly investment would pay the effort!!

sábado, 21 de julio de 2012

What do Healing Arts Practitioners, Educators and Independent Practice Professionals have in common?

Have you ever waken up in the morning saying “Life has to be more than that!”?
Have you ever wondered if there is much more than a job from 9 to 5 in a day?
Have you ever visualized yourself being where you want to be?
Have you ever dreamed how you would like to live your life?
For many years I lived my life without thinking about all those things.
I considered myself an average human being with a family, children and my job. I worked very hard feeling unfulfilled and experiencing discomfort.
It was not about the outside it was about my inside world. I had great results still was not as happy as I am today.
I can say that in many occasions I felt there was something missing in the equation still I did not know what it was.
I wondered where to begin my search. Procrastination was very present and fear did not let me move forward for a long time. It was the fear of the unknown that in many cases came from limiting old beliefs. I know and am aware of them today. Judgment of people around me in the environment seemed to happen for no reason. This brought a sense of invasive or even toxic relationships of which I had no clue.
I even went through different challenging experiences and did not awake to the real truth of my life so quickly. It took time. I grew up as an average human being with many old beliefs to which I did not really knew the answers, and as well did not know there was something different to believe or things I had to stop believing.
Today I am happy about the decisions I made and the life I live. Yes I do have challenges and fear is always in our life but today I know how to manage each one of those elements and learn from my own GPS/Emotional System how to make decisions about the road to follow.
We all have a Journey along our Life Path. Our life has a Purpose and integrating it with our Vision, Mission and Passion the big picture shows up in front of our eyes.
It is by connecting all the dots and seeing the big picture of our own life that we are able to understand who we are and the difference we are meant to make in the world and in people´s life.
When you realize that it is time to discover the message you came to deliver through living your own authentic Life, your existence begins to change.
Once you are aware of your purpose and understand your message you can wrap and craft your offer to deliver your gift to the world.
Healing Arts Practitioners, Educators and Independent Practice Professionals have all a GIFT to deliver to the world
They came to live a life as agents of change in the world.
To achieve their purpose they need TOOLS to reach more people and make a difference in their life doing what they love to do.
It is not about a job from 9 to 5, but much more than that.  
It is about inspiring and motivating the people they came to serve having the right channels to attract them, working as agents of change to improve as many life´s as possible.
This is why being an agent of change myself I made an important decision:
Guide Healing Arts Practitioners, Educators and Independent Practice Professionals,
1- Understand their purpose; integrate it together with their vision and mission to find their own true and authentic message.
2- Develop their offer, wrap and craft it according to their different audiences
3- Have the TOOLS they need to reach more people live their life on purpose being   Successful reaching the people they came to serve

My program for Healing Arts Practitioners, Educators, Independent Practice Professionals: Become aware of your Life purpose and learn HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS online help you step by step have the TOOLS you need to reach your audience with ease.
If you are a Healing Arts Practitioners, Educators, Independent Practice Professionals looking for a shift in direction in Life, I invite you to learn: “HOW TO BUILD YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE” to attract the right clients, reach freedom and improve your life

If you panic about technology, not knowing where to begin, let me guide you to discover the mystery happening “Behind the scenes of your monitor” To build your business online 
It is time to know that you are not alone!

Esther Coronel de Iberkleid
"The Clarity Mentor"
Life Changing Coach
“My Journey Toward YOUR success – The Magic Wand of Life”
“Transforming YOUR Life from the first Session”
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I work with Healing Arts Practitioners, Educators, Independent Practice Professionals
Become aware of your Life purpose and learn HOW TO BUILD A BUSINESS online
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